What the March updates mean for clean heat policy: 3 key takeaways

Download PDF The government has made a series of announcements to the UK’s policy on clean heat. Overall, it’s something of a mixed bag – with updates on the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), Clean Heat Market Mechanism (CHMM) and standards for gas boilers. Below, we take each area in turn, and consider the key take-aways […]

Getting the BUS rolling: Unlocking the potential of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Download a PDF version Download PDF The first year of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) has seen lower than anticipated uptake – with only about half of the first year’s £150 million budget, which subsidises the cost of heat pump installation, claimed. With a first-year underspend of £90 million, how can the Department for Energy […]

The Future Homes Standard

Please download The Future Homes Standard Briefing, use the following link for a PDF version. Download Briefing What is the Future Homes Standard? Government ambition is for the homes of the future to be built to highly energy efficient standards with low carbon heating systems and anticipate that heat pumps will become the primary heating […]

Download the Electrify Heat Desk Aid

Please download the Electrify Heat Desk Aid, use the following link for a PDF version. Download Desk Aid The campaign for clean, safe, and affordable heating for British homes today. What is a heat pump? A heat pump takes natural heat from air, water or the ground and raises it to a highertemperature using a […]

Electrify Heat: Policy Manifesto 2023

Download Manifesto This manifesto sets out Electrify Heat’s key policy outcomes to foster the conditions for a mass-market for clean, efficient heat. It focuses on four strategic objectives: i. Secure long-term regulations and mechanisms to provide businesses and households with the certainty they need to plan and invest, spurring market growth. ii. Improve the affordability […]

Recent News and Commitments from Electrify Heat members

Electrify Heat’s members have been very busy in recent months. You can read some of the latest highlights here. Cornwall-based company, Kensa’s new factory can deliver more than 30,000 new ground source heat pumps a year. The Ground Source Heat Pump Association has launched an online training scheme to increase the understanding of heat pumps, […]

Electrifying home heating is a no-regrets option for Britain

By the 2030s, everyone should be benefiting from low carbon, highly efficient heating technology. Our new campaign of businesses, green finance, NGOs and consumer groups wants to make it happen faster. By Edward Robinson This article was originally published on BusinessGreen on 12 October 2021 The causes of the ongoing ‘energy crunch’ will be debated […]