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Together we are pushing for the fastest possible switch to affordable, zero carbon, clean and safe heating for UK homes through the widescale adoption of electric heat pump technology.

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Electrify Heat in UK Homes

Why do we need to electrify?

Tackling climate change head on

Heating UK households represents 14% of total UK carbon emissions. Moving households away from fossil fuel heating towards clean, low carbon heating will play a vital part in reaching our net zero target and helping the climate.

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Heating UK households represent 14% of total UK carbon emissions.

Heating UK households represent 14% of total UK carbon emissions.

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As an established technology, heat pumps represent the main way to bring low carbon heat to households across Britain this decade

The most effective and fastest way to bring low carbon heat into homes today is through large scale adoption of electric heat pump technology to replace our carbon emitting fossil gas boilers.


The Climate Change Committee (CCC) says electrifying heat should be UK’s main technology for decarbonising buildings

According to the Climate Change Committee 900,000 heat pumps need installing per year by 2028 if we are to reach net-zero by 2050. This does not exclude other solutions such as heat networks or other technologies for households where they are best suited.

UK Government has set the target

The Government has set out its intention to make heat pumps a central feature in decarbonising homes. The Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan for a green industrial revolution states…

 "We will aim for 600,000 heat pump installations per year by 2028, creating a market led incentive framework to drive growth, and will bring forward regulations to support this."

Without policy change, incentives and regulation the Government cannot reach this target. Action must be taken now to achieve the Governments net zero targets.

Benefits to households


Heat pumps are healthy

Clean heat pump technologies are non-polluting, unlike gas boilers that emit air pollution – in particular nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2) – which can contribute to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. The problem is particularly acute in some cities where gas boilers are responsible for around 20% of air pollution.


Heat pumps are extremely safe and reliable

They do not contain or use gas and there is no risk of gas leaking. Heat pumps are generally more reliable than gas boilers – one in five gas boilers broke down in 2017. Heat pumps have far fewer moving parts, meaning that they break down less often.


Heat pumps are an energy efficient solution

The cost of installing heat pump technology is falling, UK Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng recently said costs could easily fall by 20%, following the European example, while energy supplier Octopus has said costs can halve within 18 months. Heat pumps have a longer life span than a traditional gas boiler and once installed, maintenance costs are also lower.


Tried and tested technology available now

Heat pumps are an established technology already heating homes in Britain and over 40 million homes across Europe. They are a proven technology providing safe, clean and affordable low carbon heating.

Benefits to society

Economic growth

Unlocking £6 billion of green economic growth for the British economy

There is significant potential for UK economic growth through the development of heat pump manufacturing and its supply chain. Government analysis shows that there are no major barriers to increasing domestic production of heat pumps. The UK has a well-established and well-regarded boiler manufacturing industry with over half of all UK boilers domestically produced. This industry could be transitioned to heat pump manufacturing with additional capacity developed to create an export market to Europe and the rest of the world with a ‘Made in the UK’ quality assurance.


Supporting thousands of attractive, high quality green jobs as part of the Green Industrial Revolution

Thousands of future proof manufacturing and installing jobs can be created in the move towards low carbon heat. Transitioning gas boiler installers to heat pump installers could unlock a sustainable green workforce and support a just transition away from dependency on fossil fuels.


Britain can boost its status as global leader in green innovation whilst supporting consumers

Britain has set ambitious decarbonisation targets and has positioned itself as the global leader in decarbonisation. To cut carbon emissions by 78% by 2035 on the way to net zero by 2050 the UK will need pioneering British businesses delivering green innovations – such as those currently investing in research and development of electrifying heat. So called “smart homes” offer a range of technologies to improve home heating including increased efficiency and lower energy costs, heat pump technology can be at the heart of these developments.


Electrifying heat is good for the planet and tackling climate change

Electrifying heat can reduce overall energy demand as heat pump technology is more efficient and therefore requires less energy than fossil fuel boilers. Heat pumps use naturally generated energy from the earth and the air to heat UK households rather than relying on fossil fuel imports; around 75% of heat pump energy consumption comes from the environment and only 25% from electricity, which is increasingly sourced from clean renewable energy. They are low carbon unlike fossil fuel heating systems like gas boilers and oil.

Heat Pump

What is heat pump technology?

A heat pump takes natural heat from either the air or the ground and raises it to a higher temperature using a compressor. The heat is then transferred to your home. It is possible to think of them as refrigerators or air conditioners in reverse.

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How do we Electrify Heat today?

The Climate Change Committee and UK Government say electrification of heat through heat pump technology is key to achieving the UK’s Net Zero targets.


Make the UK a global economic powerhouse for low carbon heat

Drive manufacturing and green innovation across the UK’s substantial boiler manufacturing base. There are no major barriers preventing a switch to heat pump manufacturing in existing factories. This opens up the opportunity for international exports which did not previously exist with gas boilers, as other countries across the world join the race for clean heat.


Incentivise people to choose a low carbon heating source

If policy remains unchanged, UK households that choose an air source heat pump instead of a gas boiler will be penalised for choosing an environmentally friendly option, with one estimate putting the cost at £305 more a year to run a heat pump under the current policy framework due to the way that energy bills are calculated. We need to rebalance the economics of heat to reward people for choosing a lower carbon energy source to fuel their home.


Ensure low income households are protected from energy price changes

As we move away from fossil fuel heating systems, sustained upfront financial support and advice will be needed to support low income and fuel poor homes throughout the clean heat transition.


Supporting households and communities, engagement, installation advice and education

It will be essential to inform, protect and support people with the changes needed to our homes. Sustained public support will be crucial for a successful and affordable transition to a low-carbon future for all households.


Make heat pumps a more attractive consumer offer by further driving down upfront price

Heat pumps could be cheaper today if the playing field is levelled and the right signals from government were put in place then the market can align. The current heat pump market is an industry comparable to electric vehicles at the outset. Government support to pump-prime the market has the power to deliver rapid innovations and significant cost reductions.

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Campaign members

Electrify Heat is made up of the following organisations. Having launched in July 2021 our membership is constantly expanding. Contact us to find out more.

“We aim to lead the global shift towards new technology by working with customers, companies and across communities to make energy simpler, smarter and more sustainable.”
“We are a British renewable electricity company with a difference. Good Energy was set up to give people the choice to do something about climate change by choosing renewable energy for their homes and businesses.”
“While we look after your energy supply today, we’re also building technology that will define the industry’s future, from the big ideas to the small.”
“We’re building a supportive zero carbon community – and bringing everyone the green energy, technology and guidance they need to make change happen.”
"Considerable investment is required to catalyse the transition of the global economy towards a more sustainable future. It is critical that financial market participants and policymakers collaborate to co-create the solutions."
"Ground Source Heating provides one of the most economic routes to providing on-site renewable heating, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and meeting the government's binding targets on renewable energy."
"Energy Saving Trust is an independent organisation dedicated to promoting energy efficiency, low carbon transport and sustainable energy use. We aim to address the climate emergency and deliver the wider benefits of clean energy as we transition to net zero. We empower householders to make better choices, deliver transformative programmes for governments and support businesses with strategy, research and assurance – enabling everyone to play their part in building a sustainable future."
"Working with industry we define, maintain and improve quality – certifying products and installers so people can have confidence in the low-carbon technology they invest in."
"We are the advocate for decentralised energy solutions and our work helps shape the debate and influence decentralised energy policy and enhance and maintain the reputation of the sector."
"We represent the diverse nature of the UK’s energy industry with our members delivering nearly 80% of the UK’s power generation and over 90% of the energy supply for the 28 million UK homes as well as businesses."
"The HPF lobbies government for long term policy supporting the electrification of heating and cooling, works to raise awareness, understanding and confidence in heat pump technology across both domestic and commercial sectors."
"The Heat Pump Association (HPA) is the UK’s leading authority on the use and benefits of heat pump technology and includes many of the country’€™s leading manufacturers of heat pumps, components and associated equipment."
"As Britain's biggest generator of zero carbon electricity, we're focused on achieving Net Zero and helping you lower your carbon footprint. Electric heating isn't only low carbon but could help you save energy and warm up your home more efficiently."
"ICAX™ is a cleantech company helping to meet the demand for on-site renewable energy and sustainable development by using ground source energy to achieve low carbon buildings."
"We are a market leader in renewable energy installations, which began for us in 2007. We are passionate about sharing the expertise of our team to build bespoke, renewable solutions for both commercial and domestic markets."
"Kensa Group is a fast-growing collection of award-winning businesses involved in the manufacture and installation of ground source heat pumps and the ownership of associated underground infrastructure."
"We’re putting customers first as we shape our plans for delivering outstanding service and facilitating Net Zero. We want you to join us on the journey and have your say to shape the future of energy."
"The Sustainable Energy Association is a member based industry body offering innovative policy solutions that link up building-level technologies and the wider energy system to achieve a low carbon, secure energy future for the UK."
"The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) is the UK’s largest trade association for the construction industry. We have a proud history of supporting and promoting small and medium-sized building companies – including sole traders."
"Rendesco specialise in heat pump technology, leading the market with the highest quality design, installation and maintenance available. We have installed more than 300 bespoke ground source, air source and water source heat pumps."
"We are the trade association for modern thermal storage. We promote the use of thermal storage in buildings in the United Kingdom and other countries to achieve net zero. Our mission is to take the carbon out of heating buildings."
"A Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) approved Consumer Code, HIES is a leading consumer protection organisation covering the installation of home energy products."
"Our business strategy is to invest in and provide longterm full system operation of large heating and cooling assets enabling our clients to transfer key project risks to a heat network specialist."
"We’ve been helping people find a good place for their money since 1853. And today, we help over a million customers save for the future and secure their own homes."
"Solaris Energy was formed in January 2017 with the core of our business being focused solely on the design and installation of ground and air source heat pumps."
"With Daikin’s high-performance technology, not only could you save hundreds on your heating bills every single year – you may be eligible for financial incentives to help you offset the cost of installation, too."
"skoon empowers homeowners, installers and partners with training, tools and platforms to decarbonise homes at nation scale."
"We provide marketers, industry leaders, and policymakers with instant, unlimited access to original market research on homeowner attitudes and decision-making around home electrification, all through easy-to-use dashboards."