Recent News and Commitments from Electrify Heat members

Electrify Heat's members have been very busy in recent months. You can read some of the latest highlights here.

Cornwall-based company, Kensa’s new factory can deliver more than 30,000 new ground source heat pumps a year.

The Ground Source Heat Pump Association has launched an online training scheme to increase the understanding of heat pumps, improve the skill levels of people already working in the UK heat pump industry, and give guidance to people seeking careers in that industry.

Octopus Energy plans to create 300 jobs to accelerate building decarbonisation as part of Great Manchester’ plan to be carbon neutral by 2038. The company is also expecting to launch its new low-cost heat pumps in 2022 to accelerate the heat transition.

ScottishPower is investing £10 billion in the UK between 2020 and 2025 to drive forward decarbonisation. As the first major integrated energy company in the UK to generate 100% green power, ScottishPower has now launched the first nationwide smart solutions offering, bringing air source heat pumps, solar panels and solar batteries to eligible households across the UK.

Ovo Energy is leading one of the UK’s largest low carbon heating solutions trials – the Zero Carbon Heating Trial. The project is trialling low-carbon electric heating technologies in homes in England’s South East, to showcase a practical and low-cost solution for zero carbon homes.

The MCS Charitable Foundation has conducted a YouGov survey highlighting broad cross-party support for heat pumps and the need to increase the rate of buildings’ decarbonisation.

National Energy Action has released its annual UK Fuel Poverty Monitor, focusing on the decarbonisation of domestic heating, and how that will impact fuel poor households. It identifies opportunities, barriers and the policy developments and interventions required to ensure fair and affordable decarbonisation of domestic heating.

You can read about Good Energy’s heat pump tariff, launched last year, here.

The Heat Pump Federation has published detailed advice for homeowners on choosing the systems and installers that are right for them.

You can read E.ON’s blog on whether an Air Source Heat Pump is right for you, here.

In the UK, EDF is enabling £50bn of investment by 2035, to help Britain achieve Net Zero. You can read EDF’s Complete Guide to Heat Pumps here.

Yorkshire-based company, Pure Renewables has recently formed a joint venture with Danish firm European Energy A/S to deliver large-scale heat pump solutions primarily into district heating networks, public buildings, schools, hospitals, and horticulture.