Essential Reading on Heat Pumps

Our collection of the latest reading and research into Heat Pump deployment The European consumer group BEUC has published a new report (25.11.2021) showing that heat pumps will be the cheapest green heating options for consumers across Europe Think tank, the Social Market Foundation has published a white paper arguing that there are not enough […]

Recent News and Commitments from Electrify Heat members

Electrify Heat’s members have been very busy in recent months. You can read some of the latest highlights here. Cornwall-based company, Kensa’s new factory can deliver more than 30,000 new ground source heat pumps a year. The Ground Source Heat Pump Association has launched an online training scheme to increase the understanding of heat pumps, […]

Electrifying home heating is a no-regrets option for Britain

By the 2030s, everyone should be benefiting from low carbon, highly efficient heating technology. Our new campaign of businesses, green finance, NGOs and consumer groups wants to make it happen faster. By Edward Robinson This article was originally published on BusinessGreen on 12 October 2021 The causes of the ongoing ‘energy crunch’ will be debated […]